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Mega Monster Music are working on their first album to be called “Deep in the shallows”. The vibe will be quirky angular jazz mixed up with progressive rock to create a truly unique soundscape.

Created by brothers David and Philip Gammond Mega Monster Music will build on their previous musical experiment which is their band called “Quiet Earth”. The pair are seeking new members. The call is out for jazz guitarists and keyboard players.

The plan is to develop the line-up, record the album, release it on the in-house record label and finally promote it throughout the UK.

June 2018
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We are looking for new band members

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To record our first album we are looking for a jazz guitarist and a keyboard player. Ideally located in the Great Manchester area these two new members will be invited to create our first studio album alongside the Gammond brothers. We are looking for band members aged 45-60 who love jazz and who are excited about extending the genre into progressive rock. We have our own record label with distribution on Apple, Spotify, Amazon and most of the other major re-seller platforms. If you want to talk about joining Mega Monster Music email David on david.gammond@megamonstermusic.com

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